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TradeGraph Trader Workstation

The TradeGraph Trader Workstation is a high performance market data and order entry system.  By interfacing to popular charting packages, TradeGraph offers the full range of standard charts and technical analysis with integrated, exchange-direct depth-of-market and one-click order entry.

Our platform incorporates a full book of bid/ask orders, or depth-of-market (DOM), and monitors multiple markets and instruments simultaneously with a user defined desktop configuration.  Traders click on prices in a DOM to create limit orders that are sent directly to exchanges via TradeGraph Exchange Servers for straight-through-processing (STP).  Order entry also allows for market orders, rapid selection of order quantities, immediate cancellation of working orders, a record of filled orders, and real-time display of net positions, P&L's and average costs.  Credit controls set maximum order size, maximum position size and maximum position loss.

Traders can learn how to use the TradeGraph Trader Workstation with the built in simulator feature that allows a trader to simulate trading using real-time market data or to play back previously saved market data and execute simulated trades and track profit and loss.   

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